Quality and Security

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Project To Be promotes high standards of quality and safety in their schools, which are closely monitored by the Director of Operations and Quality. Employees undertake an updated and complete training program in these areas.

Food Quality, Hygiene and Safety

We meet HACCP’s criteria and quality standards and are certified by accredited external entities. Our menus are prepared by a nutritionist.

Access security

We guarantee surveillance and security in access control – entrances and exits.

Discrimination, bullying and violence prevention

We monitor the physical and socio-emotional well-being of our students and prevent situations of discrimination, bullying and violence, ensuring inclusive schools. A s part of the citizenship education strategy, we adopt prevention and rapid intervention procedures.

Fire and Earthquake prevention

Our facilities are certified by accredited external entities. We regularly carry out evacuation drills with students and staff in compliance with current emergency plans.

Accident prevention

We ensure the implementation of accident prevention measures in our facilities, requiring strict compliance with current standards and regulations. Our team has certified training in basic adult and pediatric life support.

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