About our School


What distinguishes us

Connection to the community and citizenship

We favour a close connection between the school and the community, by organising regular school visits, cultural trips, and recreational activities. Our students benefit from numerous educational experiences, in a diverse and stimulating context, which allows them to acquire scientific, socio-cultural, and artistic knowledge.

School visits are recognised pedagogical practices that encourage inclusive learning – interconnection between academic learning and the real context – and promote the student´s cognitive development, enhancing the education of responsible, intercultural, and enterprising citizens.

As part of the school´s collaboration with various public and private entities in the communities, our students participate in pedagogical research, social impact (sustainability and solidarity) and sports projects, among others. These projects provide an enriched curriculum and the development of values and attitudes within reach of their education for citizenship. And contribute to an early start on their journey of citizenship, promoting education for each student as a proactive citizen.

What distinguishes us

Closeness to families

We are a school that envisions a familiar and welcoming environment and privileges the permanent dialogue school/family as a way of knowing and respecting each child´s characteristics and needs. We believe that in order to facilitate the integral and harmonious development of our students, we must work as a team with their families.

We know that the children´s perception of school/family harmony guarantees them the emotional stability, security and confidence they need to grow and learn with commitment and pride. Our families play a central role in supporting the challenges that arise in the educational context.

Throughout the school year, we organise various events and activities in which families are invited to participate in open classes, themed weeks, Christmas Party, Arts Festival, English Week, among others. We promote frequent meetings with parents and guardians to inform them about the development and learning process of their children. We maintain an accessible, open and close communication through the various channels at our disposal.

What distinguishes us

Integrated English and Cambridge Certification

We are an innovative school with regards to the implementation of differentiated integrated English project, which is carried out by a team o specialised teachers and teaching assistants, who accompany students in the various contexts of life at school and on school visits.

In this model, which enables and expands social interaction, communicative sensitivity and creative thinking, English language learning takes place informally – by immersion, with students in regular contact with the language during their daily routines – and formally – in daily English classes from 3 years old.

English is taught using Cambridge University curriculum, resources and certification. We have been Cambridge Educational Partner and Cambridge Preparation Center for English Qualifications since 2015. All our students take the young Learners Exams (YLE) Starters (3rd Year) and Movers (4th Year) on our school premises.

What distinguishes us

Appreciation of Physical Activity and sports

We recognise the Importance of physical activity – for its effect on shaping emotions, affections and thoughts – by including it in our students ‘school life. Papião´s students are dynamic, active and healthy children, who always try to outdo themselves and develop their maximum potential.

We value sport as a source of health, discipline, team spirit and healthy competition. We encourage the practice of regular physical activity, offering numerous curricular and extracurricular activities, as well as projects related to health education, healthy living habits and well-being.

We believe that regular sport practice favours the cognitive development of our students; it also contributes to reducing anxiety levels, increasing concentration capacity, improving self-esteem (by valuing effort and commitment), promoting discipline, self-control and respect, and strengthening cooperation and team spirit. We include judo and physical education in our curriculum from the 3 years old classroom.

What distinguishes us

Digital Education

We invest in the digital education of our students, promoting pedagogical and responsible use of digital technologies to improve teaching, learning and assessment. Our Primary School curriculum have integrated ICT (Information Communication and Technology) and STEM (science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) lessons.

We intend to educate students who are digitally literate, informed, proficient, critical and reflective. Digital education involves the development of numerous skills and knowledge, some technical – using Microsoft Office and Microsoft Teams – others related to the correct and safe use of information technologies, namely the internet.

We want to be a school where students, teachers and families can work together, teach and learn in a digital environment, looking to encourage digital literacy, improving equipment, increasing resources and digital educational content, therefore preparing students for an increasingly digital future.

What distinguishes us

Students Individualised Support

We ensure an inclusive school culture and the implementation of appropriate educational measures for students, contributing to the full development of their socio-emotional, cognitive and physical potential, always in partnership with families.

We work as a team – directors, teachers and the Multidisciplinary Support Team for Inclusive Education – to meet the characteristics and needs of each of our students. We respect their individuality, we commit ourselves to their well-being, their personal education and the success of their academic journey.

Mission and values

Our mission is, in a familiar and welcoming educational environment, to educate curious, autonomous and persevering students, who take responsibility and excel in their academic journey, and who are active defenders of human values that guarantees them a fair and solidary involvement in society, in the present and in the future.

Friendship and Sense of Belonging

We ensure that our students develop socio-emotional skills and organise collaborative activities and events, which enhance the establishment of solid and lasting friendships and a sense of belonging to a school with history and tradition, which they respect with pride and dedication.

Dedication and Overcoming

We believe that good organisation and careful planning, as well as the responsibility and rigor that characterize us, contributes to the education of students who are responsible, persevering and who continually challenge and overcome themselves.

Openness and cooperation

We encourage the construction of cooperative and inclusive schools’ environments, promoting collaboration and clear and direct communication between all elements of our educational communities, reinforcing attitudes of tolerance, respect and acceptance.

Familiar and affective environment

We value the establishment of close emotional bonds between employees, our students, and their families. We offer family-orientated, safe and welcoming educational environments that promote well-being.

Humanism e Citizenship

We guarantee several dimensions in the education of our students: learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and to live with others, and learning to be, valuing the importance of collaboration with families and active participation in the community.

Ethics and Social Impact

We promote our Educational Community – students, families, team – The fulfillment of an informed and involved active citizenship, privileging high-level ethical values and the adoption of sustainable practices, and therefore contributing to a positive social impact on the local community and on the planet.

Global and Entrepreneurial Vision

We promote an entrepreneurial attitude in our children and employees, with the ability to adapt to the demands of a globalised world. We work on self-confidence, proactivity, risk and opportunity assessment, rigor, responsibility and resilience.

Lifelong learning

We encourage our students and employees to be active agents in building their own learning. We defend a curious approach, conscious and motivated by lifelong learning opportunities, in a holistic and transversal perspective of personal growth an fulfillment.

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Papião School was founded in September 1986, starting from the motivation of two partners who got together to create a project in which they believed and whose main objective was the construction of a pleasant, familiar and personalised place, that offered a demanding, and a high-quality teaching. For 34 years, under the Pedagogical Direction of Eng.ª Isabel Faro Nunes, the school guaranteed the effectiveness of all the principles and values underlying its foundation an in which the management always believed, bringing together in its team a group of highly competent professionals and committed to the quality of the educational project.



In the school year of 2012/13, Papião becomes a reference school in English teaching, creating a differentiating project of integrated language learning, developed by a team of specialised teachers and teaching assistants.



In 2015 it establishes an innovative partnership in the Borough of Cascais becoming Cambridge University Press | Educational Partner and Cambridge Preparation Center for English Qualifications.

In a proactive and Innovative way, anticipating the need to keep up with changes in society and education, Papião School additionally introduced Judo and STEM as curricular subjects, enriching its educational project.

During the school year of 2015/16, extensive work was carried out to expand and renovate the school´s infrastructure, always with the aim that the physical space could keep up with the quality and demand of the educational project. Following this work, Papião expands its educational offer, introducing the Babies Nursery Room, therefore meeting the needs of families and strengthening the relationship between students, parents and the school.



In February 2020, Papião School joined the Project To Be educational group, ensuring the continuity of the educational project and the team. In July and August 2021, further work was carried out to improve the facilities – requalification of the building and some interior spaces, and renovation of the exterior space. With Project To Be, new pedagogical projects were introduced in the area of ​​experimental science, environmental education and food education, the promotion of development and continuous training of human resources, participation in projects with social impact, as well as the establishment of new partnerships educational activities, with a view to enriching the offer to students and families.